Back to the Fundamentals of the Faith by Willie A. Alvarenga

Back to the fundamentals of the Faith! by Willie Alvarenga

Back to Fundamentals by Willie A. Alvarenga.PNGA few years ago I attended a lectureship nearby. One of the speakers said something that really made me think. Notice what he said, “One of the reasons why many churches of Christ are drifting away from the truth is because they are not emphasizing anymore the fundamental truths of the Bible, such as:  the inspiration of the Bible, the Deity of Christ, the existence of God, and the one true church of the Bible.” Friends, this preacher was so right!

The church of our Lord Jesus Christ needs to go back to the Bible and impress upon our minds the need to be well grounded in the truth, concerning these great fundamental subjects of the Bible. Our convictions upon God and His Word will grow stronger if we continue to study these great fundamental subjects.

Let me ask you the following questions: how much Bible knowledge do we possess concerning the Deity of Christ? How much knowledge do we possess concerning the existence of God and the inspiration of the Bible? Are we truly convinced that there is only one true church? Are we putting into practice 1 Peter 3:15, which encourage us to always be ready to give an answer? If we had the opportunity to speak for forty five minutes concerning any of these subjects, could we show people what the Scriptures teach on these subjects?

Friends, let me encourage each of us to be diligent students of the Word (2 Timothy 2:15; 2 Peter 3:18), since this knowledge will help us to stay faithful to God’s will. A strong conviction upon these fundamental subjects of the Bible will help our young people to never leave the old paths. There are so many young people who go to College and Universities without having a strong conviction upon what God teaches in His Word concerning these fundamental doctrines of the Bible. Brethren, this is alarming! Let me encourage us to do something about it. Let me encourage our Bible teachers to spend time discussing these subjects. Let me encourage parents to do the same. May God help us to never neglect the study of His Word, especially the fundamental doctrines of the Bible!

Willie Alvarenga

P.O. BOX 210667

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