Willie Alvarenga

Willie A. Alvarenga is a 2001 graduate of the Brown Trail School of Preaching. He is currently serving as director and instructor for the Brown Trail School of Preaching Spanish department. Willie also teaches the Gospel of John to the second year students in the English department at BTSOP.  He has collaborated with the Gospel of Christ ministry as well as the Gospel Broadcasting Network. Willie also conducts a live radio program via Internet: http://www.btradio.net He holds a BA in Biblical Studies from Heritage Christian University (Florence, AL). He holds a MA in Biblical Studies from the Theological University of America. He has written and published more than 25 books in Spanish. He is married to Lucy Alvarenga with whom he has two daughters: Maggie (19) and Vanessa (16). If you are interested in sound material in Spanish you may visit his site: http://www.regresandoalabiblia.com

The purpose of this website is to provide sound teaching material for the spiritual growth of the New Testament Church.

The Alvarenga family

Willie's family


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