Lectureship books

Truth in Love Lectureship–Don’t Ever Give Up

Truth in Love Lectureship–There Is Something Better Than…

Truth in Love Lectureship–Facts and Truth We Can Know

Truth in Love Lectureship–One Another

Truth in Love Lectureship–Keys to a Successful Christian Life

Modern Application of Ancient Texts (New Testament)

Modern Application of Ancient Texts (Old Testament)

The Glorious Church

Surviving the Stormy Winds of Change

What Can I Do When?

The Truth in Love

The Victory Through Our Lord Jesus Christ

My Lord and My God

Choose You This Day

Pressing Toward the Prize

The Christian Home

Jesus Spake Unto Them These Words

Strength for Christian Daily Living

Soldiers of Christ Arise

The Cross of Jesus Christ

Fundamentals of the Faith

Living Soberly, Righteously and Godly

We give a special thanks to the East Hill church of Christ in Pulaski, TN and Brother Paul Sain for making these books available on the Web. By making these books available to the public, more people will be able to benefit from this great source of sound biblical material. Please visit their Website where you will find more study material for your own personal growth and that of your friends and family.


East Hill Church of Christ

509 East Madison Street

Pulaski, TN 38478

Phone 931-363-2777


Churches of Today by L.G. Tomlinson


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