Petition for financial assistance for the Brown Trail School of Preaching

Brown Trail School of Preaching

Dear Elders/ Brethren:

We trust that the work of the Lord is going well with the good congregation there. There is so much to do, and so few to do it (Luke 10:2).

In the year of 2015 we appealed urgently to the brotherhood for financial assistance. The reason for our request was due to a high deficit that we were accruing monthly. With the increase in the cost of living and congregations and individuals having to stop their support or decrease the amount donated, our funds began to diminish rapidly. Due to the diligent efforts of the brethren working with the school, we had a surplus that we were able to survive on for a time, but we knew that these funds would soon deplete. Therefore we appealed to you.

During that time we were greatly encouraged because many of you responded hastily, and for that we again say thank you. However we humbly plea to you all again.

Though many of you made sacrifices in order to assist us, some very generous, we still did not meet the requested need. Our request was to get 150 congregations or individuals to commit to $100 a month, and that goal was not achieved. Of the requested amount, we were able to get about half to commit. So we have found ourselves in this position once again, needing our beloved brethren’s assistance. We do hope to fulfill this goal with your assistance. Though this is what we hope to accomplish, any amount will be appreciated.

We hope and pray that our plea is given prayerful and careful consideration. If you would like to speak with someone personally regarding our need, you can speak with me (Dean of Students), Robert Stapleton(Director), Willie Alvarenga (Director of the Spanish Department) or Jesse Martinez (Spanish Instructor) at 817-268-3222.

Tavaris Armstrong, Dean of Students/Field Representative


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